Saturday, October 12, 2013

The New Porsche Macan

A look at the New Porsche Macan

When he cayenne was released back in 2002 Porsche aficionados were furious. They said that it tainted
to Porsche name, and that only sports cars should be released under the Porsche banner. Much to those people's dismay the Cayenne became the brand's best seller, and now it seems that they are trying to expand on those good numbers with a new addition to the SUV family, the Porsche Macan.
The Macan is a power-packed compact SUV or crossover, that is trying to fill in the gaps for all the people who don't want a large SUV to drive around, but don't want to pack into a small sports car either. The Porsche Macan is a welcome addition for anyone looking for a compact crossover under the high-quality Porsche brand.
A Serious Powerhouse
The Turbo Macan comes packed with a massive amount of power to get you around. The V6 engine comes with a whopping 395 HP built-in. The engine produces 406 lb-ft of torque and that's nothing to laugh at when it's packed into the compact shell of the Macan.
Advanced Transmission
The Macan is expected to come with a few different transmission options. It should be released with a manual transmission or the advanced automatic PDK that Porsche is so well-known for now. The crossover should handle very nicely even in poor driving conditions thanks to the all-wheel drive system it is going to come with. The drive favors the rear wheels which adds an extra boost of power to the vehicle as well.
Based off the Audi Q5
If you're interested in what the Macan is going to look like take a look at the Audi Q5. It will be built off the platform of the Q5 even though it is going to feature a unique body, and a lower suspension system. Porsche assures their fans that the Macan will be quite different from the Q5. Fortunately, with a quality base like the Q5 the Porsche should perform very well, and there will be plenty of enhancements as well.

If you're looking for a compact crossover with the same level of quality and power that is expected of Porsche vehicles, the Macan is the answer you've been waiting for. With it's impressive specs, and Q5 base the Macan should be a very respectable addition to the Porsche lineup.