Saturday, March 16, 2013

Porsche Developed for Race Car Drivers First

Racing Engineering For Drivers

All of the innovations in Porsche passenger vehicles, and passenger vehicles in general were developed first for the race track. There isn’t as much need to develop new technology to simply drive people around town, but engineers have been constantly pushing the envelope on new driving technology for the purpose of winning races.
As that new technology is created eventually, the most useful pieces of the technology make their way over to passenger vehicles and they begin being used on a daily basis with standard driving.
Porsche racing technology is currently being used in the body of their passenger cars, the break system, many of the materials throughout the vehicle, as well as the interior safety harnesses and airbag systems.

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Rear View Mirror
Rear view mirrors were a tool for race car drivers before they were ever used in passenger vehicles. They were a tool to see the competition before they got up to you and eventually companies began to realize that rearview mirror were a good idea for passenger vehicles as well and one of the most useful inventions was created and implemented in most vehicles, including Porsches from that point on.

Roll Cages
Most people who know anything about race cars at all know that they have roll cages to protect the drivers. Over the years these cages have become more advanced as cars have become faster and more powerful. What most people don’t realize is that these same roll cages are included in passenger vehicles, they just aren’t visible. Porsche vehicles are desired for their attractive appearance, their sleek bodies, and their raw power. Hidden amongst all of the luxury is a fully functional roll cage that would help protect you if you flipped the vehicle.
Under the trim of the vehicle, the cloth and the leather and the wood there are solid steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum supports. These supports surround the vehicle and help it maintain a strong frame that will resist crumpling under impact.

Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber wasn’t invented for the sole purpose of improving race cars, in fact it was invented in the 1800’s by Thomas Edison for use in his early light bulbs, but it was adopted by race cars before passenger vehicles and now is slowly making its way to high-end sports cars.
Carbon fiber really does improve the safety and reliability of cars because it is stronger than steel while weighing less. That means that the weight of cars can be lowered while they are actually made stronger. Carbon fiber can be bent and flexed and stretched over and over again without wearing down and that means that it will last for extremely long periods of time before braking.
Carbon fiber is slowly replacing parts on Porsches cars and SUVs to make them more responsive, easier to handle, and most importantly stronger.
Each of these technologies would never have made their way to Porsche passenger vehicles if it were not for the ambitious racing program that keeps pushing the envelope on car technology in general.