Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Shifty Turbo Is No More

The Next 911 Turbo May Be Automatic

Although this is really going to upset some people who prefer their sports cars to be manual, there is a good chance that the new 911 Turbo is going to have an automatic transmission, specifically the PDK transmission to be exact.

The 911 GT3 has always been the nostalgic racer's go to car, and now that it has switched over to an automatic transmission, there's really no reason to believe that the 911 Turbo isn't going to go the same direction. Instead of keeping both transmission options open like Porsche normally does, it is rumored that they are going to drop the manual option all together, and you will be stuck with an automatic whether you like it or not.

Why they are Making the Switch

Although it probably hurts to hear, the PDK is a superior transmission to manually shifting through the gears. Thanks to the double clutch the car can shift itself through the gears faster than a human can, which means that you are going to get a better response out of the car. This means the car will accelerate faster, and ultimately it is going to perform better on the track.
Another advantage of this gear system is that it reduces overall fuel consumption, which is something that all car manufacturers are looking at these days. With all of these reasons to go with the PDK it shouldn't be a surprise that they have made it mandatory.

The last reason that they have decided to take away the manual option is to undoubtedly save development time and money. Now they only have to configure the car to deal with a single transmission, which means less work for them, while bringing in the same level of profits as before. Even still, the move is good for just about everyone in the end.

Those Who Will Appreciate the Switch

Even though there are plenty of people who are appalled at the move that Porsche is making with their sports cars, there are just as many people who are singing their praises about the switch. Not only does the car perform better, which is enough to gain the praise of many people, but it will also be easier to drive for those who aren't great with a manual transmission. Sure there is less involvement, but that also means there is no reason to worry about stalling the vehicle, and everyone can drive their vehicles smoothly without worry.

Overall, even though some people are upset with the loss of a manual option the 2014 911 Turbo looks to be an exceptional car. It will come standard with more than 520 horsepower at your disposal. The car tops out at around 196 miles per hour, and with that level of power and luxury it should be no surprise that the basic model is coming in at $149,000 and the luxury model will be closer to $180,000 to own. It is certainly going to be a welcome addition to the ranks of the 911's of the past, but it is too bad there won't be a manual transmission option like always.