Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Porsche Subjects the New Macan to Rigorous Testing

Porsche goes through great lengths to test out their vehicles before releasing them. They want to make2014 Porsche Macan is no different. The only difference with this vehicle is that Porsche is going through the trouble to show fans a little more of the testing that they have been doing.  They released a set of testing videos on the Porsche Macan mini-site, and I’ll be the first to say that they are quite impressive.
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Dubai Testing
A little while ago Porsche released a video showing them testing out three different Porsche Macans in the Dubai deserts. In these videos it’s very obvious that the Macan knows its way around sand pits. The small SUV climbs up and down sandy grades without a problem. Sand is spitting everywhere but the SUV maintains its overall traction and control. The main purpose of this video is to show the traction capabilities of the Macan, which are quite impressive.

California Testing
The California testing was more of the same thing, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t impressive. The video shows the Macan climbing up steep dirt hills and powering through desert landscapes out in California as well. Even though the SUV slides a bit while turning in the sandy environment it never loses control because of its superior ability to generate traction.

Why the Macan Handles So Well
From these two videos it’s obvious that you can take the Macan out into a desert and drive around without a problem. If the small-framed Porsche SUV can handle Sandy conditions so well it’s a good bet that it will do fine on dirt and gravel surfaces as well. Most of this is possible thanks to high-quality all-wheel-drive system that the Macan has. Porsche has also made some suspension modifications to improve the handling even further separating the Macan from its Audi counterpart.

If you decide to pick up the new 2014 Porsche Macan when it is finally released you will have a vehicle you can take out on the roads in poor driving conditions without having to worry about staying in control.