Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Panamera GTS vs. BMW M5

Comparing the 2013 Panamera GTS to the BMW M5
If you are looking for a larger sports vehicle there is a good chance that you have set your sights on either the BMW M5 or the Panamera GTS. These vehicles both sit around $100,000 and they are both well-known for producing great results on the track, and down the back roads. By putting these vehicles side by side it is easy to see which is better for you, and to simplify this decision.

Raw Power
In terms of raw power and actual speed the BMW
M5 wins the match hands down against the Porsche Panamera GTS. The BMW M5 4.8 liter V8 engine produces a whopping 560 hp and 500-lb-ft of total torque making it a monster of a car. The GTS produces a much smaller 384 hp, but it doesn't perform too much worse thanks to its great design and all-wheel drive and improved traction management systems. In real world tests performed by Motortrend, the M5 was shown to go from 0-60 in 4 seconds flat, and through a quarter mile at 12.4 seconds. The GTS Panamera did the first in 4.1 seconds and the zipped around the track in 12.7 seconds only making it slightly slower than the M5 even though there is a massive power difference.

Usability and Fun to Drive
When you are comparing which vehicle is more enjoyable to drive the Panamera GTS easily triumphs. Not only is the steering much more responsive than the M5's but if you actually want to take the vehicle to its limit you don't have to go through the difficult "launch-mode" process of the M5 that is so difficult even expert drivers have a hard time making it work every time. Instead you touch a button, tap the brake and floor it while letting off on the brake to gain access to the full power of the car.

At around the same price you have to decide whether you want improved steering, and a sportier interior of the GTS, or if you want the sheer raw power offered by the M5.