Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2014 911 GT2

Major Changes Occurring in the 2014 911 GT2
Porsche has recently released the information on their 2014 911 GT3 and some people were disappointed by it because it had less than 500 hp. Although it isn't a big deal for most people, for those that it was a big deal to, there is the 911 GT2.
Normally when you have a model number that is lower, you assume that it is going to have less power. This simply isn't the case with the GT2, and you will get above 500 hp with this vehicle which means that it has more raw power to work with than the GT3 does.
What You Get
The engine and transmission of the GT2 are both based off the 911 Turbo S. Instead of the 475 horsepower that comes in the GT3, you are getting a massive 552 horsepower, thanks to the 3.8 liter flat six engine. The transmission that is going to be used in this vehicle is another major change from the all-wheel drive of the GT3. Instead you are going to get the PDK seven gear clutch that is automatic, and rear wheel drive.
Weight Savings
The nice thing about a rear-wheel drive setup, over the all-wheel drive used in the GT3 is that weight is going to be shaved off the vehicle. What that means is that not only are you getting a more powerful engine to tear up the road with, but you are also getting al lighter vehicle that is going to benefit from the power even more than the GT3 would have. Overall this new setup should result in a noticeable increase in power. Although you probably wouldn't notice a difference without driving both vehicles extensively, if you were to switch from one to the other you would be able to tell there is a distinct difference.
Real Life Speed
Now that you know how much power this variant of the 911 is pushing, it is time to learn how that effects real life performance, with some times and actual speeds. The car should be able to go from 0 to 60 in 3.0 seconds without a problem. On top of this blistering acceleration, it will top 200 mph which means that you can get wherever you want to go much faster than you could in that minivan at the other side of your garage.
Many will rejoice at the added power that the GT2 possess, while a few are going to continue to complain about the PDK transmission that is becoming more prevalent in the newer Porsche models.

If 500 hp isn't enough for you, there is a rumor that Porsche is planning on releasing an even more powerful variant of the GT2 later on after the initial launch. This RS variant of the car will push up the horsepower to a whopping 620, and that amount of power will make this car even more intense that it already is. Unfortunately that won't be released until 2015 so you will have to be patient if you would rather get the upgraded version.